Ryūzen Jinashi Nobekan Shakuhachi

crafted with passion and precision for the most enjoyable experience of playing honkyoku, zen music for shakuhachi flute. Personally crafted using high quality madake from Japan and china (teardrop mottled bamboo). With over 20 years of experience in playing, making and study of of traditional zen pieces, each flute is created with the spirit of love, meditation and the harmony of nature.

If you’re interested in have a flute made by Alcvin, please send and email to: ryu.zen18@gmail.com to discuss what you want in your flute. Please allow a month for the creation of your shakuhachi. 

I make D-kan (flutes tuned to the key of D) which is normally understood as the 1.8 length. Each D-kan is US$800.00.

D-kan with cap.



Nobe Flute 2.6
Each flute is a work of art.
Utaguchi Cap made of Faux Red Coral
Nobe Flute Root
Having a nice root end is important in the creation of all my flutes.
Nobe Flute with cap
Each utaguchi cap is made from the original bamboo stalk of the flute.
This flute is sold.
This flute is sold.


 Ryuzen Utaguchi Cap
Unique, custom made utaguchi protector for each flute.
Perfect, and aesthetically pleasing utaguchi protective cap.

Each utaguchi protector is made from the same bamboo stalk the shakuhachi came from.

Listen to this flute!


This flute is 2.6 length, in the key of G pitched at A444hz. Harvested in Suzhou, China in 2013, this bamboo has a beautiful, natural curve at the bell. Tone is earthy and deep with excellent back pressure and balance. Hypo-allergenic urushi coating in the bore. $950.00. This flute is SOLD.







nami1 sold

Detail of 2.4 Queen’s Tears Bamboo jinashi shakuhachi.
Detail of utaguchi.



Price: CA$1200.00

Listen to this flute 


Listen to this flute

 Price: CA$1200.00