Vibrant Times!

With the beautiful weather arriving BC, wonderful happenings are manifesting as well. It’s been over a year now since shamisen has come to me and it’s still growing nicely. Refining technique all the time. In April, the virtuosa shamisen master, Chie Hanawa came to Vancouver for the first time and I organized a masterclass with her at Tozenji Temple which was incredible and inspirational. I also attended the first shamisen camp outside Japan in San Jose Japan Town organized by Kyle Abbott of Bachido. It was excellent and learned much and was very inspired by several high great players such as Kevin Kmetz, Masahiro Nitta, Reigen Fujii, Mike Penny, and of course Kyle Abbott. Last week was also a key moment in my life when I attended the the two-day workshop of visiting Taiko teachers from Miyake-jima, Japan. It was the very first taiko workshop that opened up something in my consciousness to really let it into my heart. I will give you more details about this in my blog. And…shinobue has sprouted finally and I am finally making good flutes!!! And of course my jinashi (hocchiku) are awesome!!! The summer is very vibrant with various collabs (watch for me at the Powell Street Festival) and in the fall, my ensemble will be opening for the legendary Tuvan super-group, Huun Huur Tu at the Vancouver Playhouse! So excited about this show!!! Might even get to play with them again as well! And already planning for the next Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage in 2017….


August 22, 2015

It’s amazing how time flies! Lots of changes here at Bamboo-In! Shamisen has entered our gates…We’re ready for another Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage this November! Stay tuned for updates!

Here is an interview I did for Keiko Honda’s Kerrisdale Playbook series: