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Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage to Japan

Shakuhachi Society of BC:  Visit Website

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Sandra Ramos Ceramics

Sandra Ramos
is one of BC’s most original ceramic artists. She creates functional, one of a kind sculptural pieces utilizing salt and wood in the firing process.
Sandra Ramos
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Japanese Calligraphy

Kazuo Ishii
Kazuo Ishii is one of the finest Japanese calligraphers I know. Heart-moving works of beauty. Based out of Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Etsu Essence Inoue
Vancouver-based calligraphy master, Etsu Essence Inoue’s desire is to continue spreading the art of Japanese calligraphy in Canada, and collaborate with artists of other genres, and to share the and educate the public about the spirituality and beauty of traditional Japanese calligraphy.