Student Testimonials

Dr. Lauren Nagaryu Rubin — Los Angeles, CA

Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos is the best shakuhachi teacher I have had, or could ever imagine. His commitment to excellence and professional feedback combined with his encouragement and support have allowed me to grow as a shakuhachi player and performer in ways I had dreamed of but never had the environment to achieve. His spectacular playing ability and knowledge of the repertoire combined with a humility and professionalism have made my shakuhachi experience with Al one of the most significant and meaningful experiences of my life.


Michel Rakumon Dubeau — Quebec, Canada
I have been playing and studying shakuhachi for nearly 20 years but it is with Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos that I found my life direction by deepening the way of shakuhachi. Serious studies and practices under his direction has brought discipline, thinking of music, sound, japanese spirit and also humanity. It was a tough and great journey and it is not over…….;-) All that, I was able to integrate it in all aspect of my musical career and my life. I just received my Jun-Shihan license and I’m greateful for that beautiful gift and I know that’s only the beginning! Arigato gozaimasu Ryuzen Sensei!
Marek Gomolka — Revelstoke, BC

When I decided to explore the complexity of this seemingly simple instrument I ran into one small snag….THERE is nothing SIMPLE about it! History, philosophy, posture, fundamentals, and the expertise provided by Alcvin has made what seemed impossible to attainable. Alcvin’s mastery of his study encompasses everything down to the elemental level. Although we are separated by a thousand physical miles we are ONE in our space every week. I am humbled and honoured to have Alcvin guide me through the process which I have taken on. Arigatou gozaimashita!



Michael Barden — Vancouver, BC

In the morning, on the pier, before the city wakes, fishermen and fog, the sound of the flute low ro across the water, out out into the day. At night owls come and play to the beginning piece on the flute. Both times I feel privileged to have the sound come thru me, made possible by Alcvin Sensei. Just such moments resting on his teaching. Thanks, Al-sensei! I look forward to more!



Cory Ronningen


Cory Ronningen — Victoria, BC

I thoroughly enjoy my experience learning the shakuhachi with Alcvin as my teacher. I’ve found his friendly warm approach to teaching combined with decades of experience and an obvious love of the shakuhachi, makes for a fun, educational and rewarding experience.

Braxton Hicks — Toronto, ON

braxI took a lesson recently on Shakuhachi (I’m a complete beginner) with Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos. Now that guy works on tone. We worked mainly on producing a tone, and as a woodwind guy, I’ve never encountered an instrument like the Shakuhachi in terms of how you produce the sound. Watching and listening to him play just long tones was very inspirational. He really meant every note. Conviction, passion, and energy on a simple warm-up exercise, which really made it much more than a simple warm-up exercise. True focus on tone.