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Welcome! Thank you for visiting my website! I am very happy to be sharing the shakuhachi bamboo flute with you!

I am dedicated to understanding myself through the playing of the Shakuhachi, Japan's most well-known vertical bamboo flute. My mandate is to educate the public about Japanese musical arts focussing on shakuhachi and share its beauty for the enrichment of the entire community. I am committed to educating the public about the process of becoming a shakuhachi player in the deepest sense through offering private lessons, retreats at Bamboo-In, organizing special events for shakuhachi, and pilgrimages to Japan to experience shakuhachi culture at its root: to harvest bamboo, visit komuso temples, meditate and take lessons with the masters, and attend concerts.

Please enjoy the fascinating and beautiful world of the shakuhachi bamboo flute and Japanese musical arts and culture!


August 22, 2015

It's amazing how time flies! Lot's of changes here at Bamboo-In! Shamisen has entered our gates...We're ready for another Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage this November! Stay tuned for updates!

Here is an interview I did for Keiko Honda's Kerrisdale Playbook series:

Kerrisdale Playbook

Jan. 13 , 2014

Happy New Year 2014

2013 was a great year and 2014 promises to be another wonderful one! My latest newsletter and past ones can be seen here:

July 7 , 2013

Summer is heating up fast as well as things at Bamboo-In. Then the big trip to Japan with the Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage group!

Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage 2013

We have 11 total people coming this year and it's going to be epic (as usual)! I am sooo excited about returning to Japan.

Samaya is also rising up again and....the new kids show from the Dumpsta Dragons is also coming.....Fun!

Have a great summer!

April 12 , 2013

Happy Spring everyone! What amazing growth I'm experiencing with the season. Kazemon completed an epic first tour of the South West in March and will be headed into the studio in May to record our first full-length CD album. The Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage is shaping up to be the most incredible one yet! 12 people locked and ready to fly through the Japanese countryside playing and praying shakuhachi. Stay tuned for blogs and blogs of our passionate ramblings about the trip.

If you're interested in reading my past Newsletters the archive is:

Have a wonderful and abundant Spring!

January 23 , 2013

Wishing everyone a great and auspicious 2013! This year has started off in a wonderful way. I have just formed a new duo on the Sunshine Coast called Kazemon (Wind Gate) composed of multi-instrumentalist, Chris Bernetchez and myself. We will be touring the Southwestern United States this March promoting our new, atmospheric music (and of course the shakuhachi!) And, the Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage to Japan has exceeded the capacity for the first time. I'm so excited about this year's Tour. New places, new spaces, new faces to encounter. Beauty beyond belief! Love of the Journey and connecting with the stream of shakuhachi and spirit in Japan is an indescribable feeling. Thanks to everyone who is participating in this most unique and profound experience. I have also started a monthly meditation/shakuhachi listening session at the beautiful Tozenji Buddhist Temple in Coquitlam as well as at the Yoga by the Sea in Roberts Creek. I am going back to my roots with this offering to the general public. I hope more people can come and enjoy meditation and shakuhachi with me in its original setting. Other notable upcoming events this year I will be playing at: Sakura Days Japan Fair in Vancouver (April), Powell Street Festival (Aug), AND the new World Spirit Festival in Vancouver (Aug). Hope to see you there!

December 22, 2012

Last night's Solstice with Soundscape in Roberts Creek was a beautiful experience and a foreshadowing of things to come in 2013. New project with atmospheric soundscape artist, Chris Bernetchez is in the works with a CD release and Southwest Tour happening in March. New works with Eien-Hunter Ishikawa and Maru coming up as well as the Samaya shows. And of course the excitement is building for Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage 2013!!! It is definitely ON! Happy Solstice everyone!

November 10, 2012

The year is almost over, and it has most certainly been a wonderful one full of learning, discoveries, and realizations....More to come in 2013! Samaya has been slowly but surely building up repertoire; completed my final year with Uzume Taiko with a successful tour of Germany. Many interesting plans for the next year like construction of new instruments on the Coast: shakuhachi, fue, and taiko! Please stay tuned for developments.

May 2012

This summer is busy with new collaborations and retreats. Stay tuned for developments. This June is the World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto, Japan. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it due to other music-related commitments at home. But I wish the Festival great success!

World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto 2012

March 2012

The Shop is finally open! Apologies for the LONG wait. Lots of new flutes and accessories to choose from. Please enjoy!

February 2012

February marks the month that my new website, www.alcvin.ca is launched! Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Sarju Sooch (sarju.ca) and the wonderful folks at VK web design in Dharmasala for your loving and compassionate energy in the creation of this lovely new site. This year also marks the release of my latest solo CD, Japanese Bamboo Flute: Shakuhachi, produced by Oliver Sudden Records in Quebec. Also on the horizon this year will be the rise of my new world music ensemble, Samaya as well as projects with Japanese calligraphy master, Etsuko Essence Inoue, ambient live PA collaboration: Tamas (Giorgio Magnanensi); Hagen/Ryuzen, Densabi (w/Bernie Arai and Chris Gestrin), and more with Uzume Taiko. A summer tour of the Southwestern US to promote my new CD is in the works with many magical collabs with friends in the various places....Have a wonderful 2012, Dragon Year with me!

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