Intensive Shakuhachi Retreats at Bamboo-In

At the beginning of September, Bamboo-In offers an Intensive Retreat Program for all levels of shakuhachi students. The Intensive Retreat Program enables students to stay and practice/study shakuhachi music, misogi, meditation, and flute making at Bamboo-In. The maximum number of retreat participants is 2.
The Intensive Retreat Program offers the opportunity for an intensive period of practice/study with Shakuhachi Dai Shihan, Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos. At a retreat we separate ourselves from our daily affairs in order to sink deeply into shakuhachi practice, free to transcend the background chatter of our busy, superficial mind. Combined with daily misogi and meditation, we can feel a union with nature and ourselves through our practice of learning koten (classical) shakuhachi.

At Bamboo-In we serve a diet catered to your individual needs (which includes all organic ingredients using pure fruits, vegetables) coupled with hiking in the wilderness, intensive shakuhachi tone production anylysis and meditation to accomplish amazing results.


Three shakuhachi classes each day; morning is ocean misogi and meditation outdoors, and honkyoku study; afternoon is shakuhachi making, and evening is relaxing, meditative shakuhachi.


Learn the art of making hocchiku, flutes for meditation music and gain a more intimate knowledge of flute acoustics.


Our cuisine is pure, organic, nourishing –– and delicious. We can cater to the participants’ individual needs, whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore. A questionnaire will be given before the retreat begins to determine any sensitivities to particular foods.


Shakuhachi breathing practices along with sitting zen sessions are included throughout the week.


There are daily mountain hikes and ocean-side walks. Each day will build on the next as you develop strength.
The transformative power of shakuhachi and nature