Welcome to Bamboo-In!

At Bamboo-In we explore the vertical Japanese bamboo flute, shakuhachi. Through the process of studying the zen meditation music called hon-kyoku, flute making, and communion with nature, shakuhachi students explore how their active participation in meditation is vital in their experience of shakuhachi. While maintaining this inner focus, participants also join in silent meditation sits/walks, aiki/yoga-stretches, receive detailed instructions on breathing and posture, and learn ancient practices by which shakuhachi playing becomes deep and powerful.

Beginning in early morning and continuing into the early evening, participants immerse themselves in shakuhachi for two to five full days. This retreat is led by shakuhachi daishihan Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos. Bamboo-In Shakuhachi Retreat is designed for students who love to practice shakuhachi as well as those who wish to strengthen their practice of meditation.

Bamboo-In is an independently owned and operated family-run retreat centre focused on shakuhachi bamboo flute study and wood/salt-fired ceramic arts.


  • Have your own shakuhachi flute.
  • At least 3 months of shakuhachi practice.
  • 1 month of regular daily meditation practice just prior to the retreat.