We are good to go!

The Shakuhachi Roots Pilgrimage is now fully booked! Here is the full list of participants:

0. Alcvin Ramos (tour leader)
1. Chris Bernetchez (Gibsons, BC)- confirmed
2. Lauren Rubin (Los Angeles) – confirmed
3. Kate Novykova (Vancouver, BC) – confirmed
4. Richard Conway (Tucson, Arizona) – confirmed
5. Bob Brevoort (Portland, OR) – confirmed
6. Michel Dubeau (Quebec) – almost confirmed
7. Urs Riesen (Switzerland) – confirmed
8. Ursula Riesen (Switzerland) – confirmed
9. Eric Wuesrten (Washington, USA/Spain) – confirmed
10.Amalia Wuesrten (Washington, USA/Spain) – confirmed

Very honoured and excited to have you all for our 10 year anniversary Trip! Thanks everyone!


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