Details and Rates

Please email Alcvin at to confirm which year you will be joining the trip and if you have any other questions.
 We are no longer accepting any more participants for 2017 as We have reached the maximum number of participants. If you are interested in coming on the 2019 pilgrimage, please send in your reservation fee to guarantee your spot. 
This year (2017) the trip will be 26 days
Details of the actual itinerary are exclusive only for participants
DATES: Nov. 1 – Nov.26

Arrival in Japan: Osaka International Airport, Oct. 30th

Departure from Japan: Tokyo, Narita, Nov. 27th

(Those wishing to stay in Japan, I will be offering one more week to attend additional events and lessons with various teachers in Tokyo. If you are interested in this segment, please let me know .)

ESTIMATED COST*: $4000 USD (CND $5,000/EUR €3400) {not including airfare}

Price includes:
  • All Food and Accommodation while in Japan
  • All Transportation costs within Japan (Car rental & Japan Rail Pass)
  • Up to 60 min. of phone calls to anywhere in the world

* Please note: Shipping harvested bamboo is not included in the package cost.

  • Safe Exciting Travel
  • High Quality Amenities
  • Off the Beaten Track
  • Bamboo Harvesting weekend
  • Small Group (max of 15 people)
  • Shakuhachi classes to explore the teaching styles of various masters of different styles
  • Meet local artisans and monks in villages and monasteries
  • The Ultimate Shakuhachi Adventure & Cultural Experience!