Your Guide

Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

With over 20 years experience in studying shakuhachi and Japanese arts and culture, this unique journey is passionately led by shakuhachi teacher, Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos. He places importance not only on playing shakuhachi, but also on experiencing the beauties of Japanese culture first hand within Japan; and most importantly experiencing the entire process of making one’s own, individual jinashi shakuhachi from harvesting to finished flute. This 3-week journey into the heart of Japan to is designed to inspire, challenge and delight. It is a true pilgrimage, where one has the opportunity to visit sacred sites, study with master teachers, partake in the joys of traditional and modern Japan, and to harvest bamboo for shakuhachi making. Participants spend the weekend harvesting amongst the fresh air and beauty of Japan’s mountainous countryside. During the field trip, members are trained how to select, harvest, and dry bamboo for making their own shakuhachi. Other activities on the trip include taking lessons with some of the top teachers in Japan such as Yoshinobu Taniguchi, Yodo Kurahashi, Kaoru Kakizakai, etc., partaking in ancient Shinto rituals, visiting the first shakuhachi temple, Koukokuji in Wakayama, Kyoto Meianji, Hakata Icchoken, and other sacred shakuhachi places in Japan.